2020/21 Team Names – Premier and Academy


With the changing of team names in regard to how we go about designating and identifying different teams, we wanted to send out an email for clarification.

All of our top teams in the club will be designated as Premier. (Ex. 2005 Girls Premier) If there are more than two Premier teams in an age group, they will be identified by the addition of their coaches initials. The designation of what teams are identified as Premier, is a decision by myself and Marco.

Teams not designated as Premier, will be designated as “Academy” with their coaches initials following.

(Ex. 2008 Girls Academy KS)

The reason we’ve moved to this naming process, has to to with the goals and direction of the club, as well as our planning for the future in regard to trying to bring ECNL and Pre-ECNL to the area. The structure and developmental process for the club is an “Academy” style structure where players have the ability to move around different teams and from different coaches during their career. Team and group trainings will be part of our plan and these are some of the reasons for the change.

The teams will continue to play in NorCal, GBYSL, and NNSL, just as they have in the past. Games will be played as usual and teams will be formed as always. Coaches will coach the teams and run the training sessions so for all intensive purposes, just think of it as a new naming structure.

We went through several different options from naming teams by Professional Teams like MVLA does, to using a number system of 1-3. We thought about using A, B, and C, along with Gold, Silver and Bronze. Ultimately, we made a decision that aligns with what we’re trying to accomplish in the area of Player Development and we think this is the best way forward.

We hope that helps clear up any confusion and please reach out to Marco or me with any more questions.

Thanks and we’ll see you out on the field!

Jason and Marco